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As an aspiring filmmaker, you're just starting out on your journey in the world of cinema. You're eager to learn, grow, and make your presence known in the industry. One crucial step on this journey could be getting representation from an agent. An agent could open new doors for you, giving you access to opportunities that might seem unattainable right now.

This guide is designed specifically for beginners and is packed with practical advice, relatable experiences, and expert tips from industry professionals. By the end of this book, you'll have gained the knowledge and confidence to navigate the agent-director relationship, setting the stage for you to propel your career forward.

Happy reading!

Nur and Olia

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3 months ago

Go into the detail

Very clear and well structured.
The topic is very professional and of a high standard. It makes it very clear what needs to be done and what is expected after collecting your best work.
I would perhaps have added a couple of pages on possible tips on how to produce spec spots in a professional and competitive way (always based on the market).
However, I am satisfied given that the topic is precisely "Get hired".