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It's Nur Niaz

I'm a filmmaker creating cozy and fun little films. I've had the privilege of directing commercials for brands like Samsung, Toyota, BMW, Coca-Cola, Red Bull and many more. So, if you're into mind-numbing content that's also weirdly satisfying, you're in the right place! 


I'm also here to help aspiring filmmakers succeed in their careers. On my YouTube channel, I share my experiences and provide guidance to those who are just starting out. I understand how tough it can be to break into the industry. But I'm here to tell you that with dedication and the right resources, you can make it happen.

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Respect The process

October 13, 2023

Jordan Brady:

Filmmaker Nur Niaz talks directing commercials & his popular YouTube channel from Kazakhstan.

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Scott Peters Youtube

August 3, 2023

Scott Peters:

I spoke to 3 successful commercial directors to learn how they approach writing pitch winning treatments.

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